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So strong, so powerful yet so gentle, so peaceful and probably so fragile. This is the second largest silverback in Rwanda. There are around 900 mountain gorillas left in the Virunga Mountains. This might be one of the most fascinating and unique encounter with wildlife. Though you have to stay a few meters away, when the gorillas move, you have to stay still and they might pass by very very close. The permit to see gorillas is prohibitive, 750 $ per person in Rwanda but if this is the price to save them, so be it. These gorillas are now worth so much more alive then dead. Wildlife preservation must be profitable to these countries so they "invest" in their wildlife and its preservation. Totally fine by me. Photo: Blaise Samoy #virunga #virunganationalpark #virungamountains #rwanda #gorilla #silverbackgorilla #silverback #yourshotphotographer

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