My 7 Favorites Activities in Africa

NO. 1

Canoe Safari, Zambezi River

Try rowing between hippos and crocs on the peaceful Zambezi river. There is something strange about it. The quietness of the experience and the potential danger surrounding you.
Elephants coming to drink before sunset from a different vantage point.
An armed guide is needed like for any walking safari. The biggest risk is probably an hippo capsizing your canoe and soon, you might have to swim faster than a crocodile if that hippo did not snap you in half already.
If accidents are rare, they do happen. I really believe a professional and experienced guide will keep you safe.
NO. 2

Helicopter Ride, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Thanks to Shearwater and Tim for such an amazing experience.
A must‑do while visiting the Victoria Falls.

NO. 3

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in the Namib in southern Namibia.
Named after Johnny Coleman who, during a sand storm, abandoned his ox wagon on a small incline near the settlement.
During its diamond mining era, Komanskop was a prosperous little town with a very German architectural influence.
Don't miss the xafé, it's open and actually quite nice. Visit the hall and imagine the social life of the old town when it was the most thriving.
Sand has been filling the houses over time for the photographers’ happiness.
NO. 4

Bush Shopping

Support the local communities. They are not beggars, they are decent people trying to live from their hard work. More than ever, they need our support.
Yes, I do buy things I don’t really need especially since I am a full‑time overlander. Then I usually offer to kids from a different village what I bought. My car is not big enough to keep everything.
I just want people to be proud, make a living from their work. Begging often leads to lost of self‑esteem. Selling craft is rewarding, give you self‑confidence, make you proud to sustain your family.
NO. 5

Open‑Air Art Gallery

Those people display their art and handicrafts. It's not for sale. It's there for you to admire and photograph.
There is a small wooden donation box.
I do pay to visit museums and I'm happy to make a small donation to take a photograph. And yes, some of those pieces of art are really beautiful. I would honestly see those statues in my house if I could buy them.
NO. 6

Mokoro Ride, Kwai River, Botswana

From Mbudi Camp, go a Mokoro ride before sunset. On both sides of the river, you will navigate between herds of elephants bathing. A unique experience and close encounter.
NO. 7

Microlight over the Victoria Falls

Ok, I have to be honest, I prefer helicopter rides. Knowing someone who died using this thing does not help for sure. You will definitely feel more vulnerable in a microlight.
We flew from Batoka Airport.
Microlights were in good conditions and the pilots were great. This was a thrilling experience.
You may choose between 15 and 30 min flights.